Merchant Assist

You set the inspiration, your shoppers make it their own.
Your merchants showcase their unique style perspective minus the headache of keeping up with inventory.

The Best of Man + Machine

We take the best of our product and put it right in your hands with Merchant Assist. It’s AI and human power working together to create a better shopping experience.
Even the best automation needs a human touch. So, we created Merchant Assist, an automated, intuitive merchandising platform that allows you to fine-tune the Shoptelligence technology and set your own ensembles to meet your brand’s needs.

Customize Ensembles

Easily switch out, delete, or add categories and items for individual ensembles to tailor them to your needs

Search by Attribute

Search and sort items by attribute, like color, style, formality, room, and more to find exactly what you want

Automatic Inventory

Automatically accounts for inventory changes and avoids displaying out-of-stock items in your ensembles

Feed All Channels

Seamless integration across all your channels means you spend less time creating and more time selling

Our algorithms generate the ensemble.

You fine-tune them.

Puts more control in your hands

Craft your ensembles exactly how you want your shoppers to see them and teach the algorithm how to optimize for your brand

Gives your designers useful tools

Your designers see more of your catalog paired in intelligent ways that aids them in creating visual merchandising displays

Improves your sales effectiveness

It’s like a safety net for your weakest sellers and your hardest problems, ensuring they can provide shoppers the service they expect

Take your customer experience to the next level

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Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company before, during, and after a purchase. In today’s increasingly competitive economy, customer experience is becoming ever more important; 64% of consumers say that CX is more important to them than price in their purchase decisions and 74% of consumers are likely to switch brands if the purchasing process is too difficult.

Let Shoptelligence Help 

Those numbers are significant – it means that you need to create a delightful, memorable experience on your website so that customers visit you in-store and close their sales. Shoptelligence helps you create exceptional customer experiences across your platforms, starting with Merchant Assist.