Bring inspiration and
shopping together with
Room Stylist

Shoppers begin their journey looking for inspiration online but often purchase in-store. A great experience helps them discover more products to create their dream space and purchase them all, whether onsite or in store. Shoptelligence can help.

Show more, sell more.

Our AI-powered style engine transforms your catalog data into shoppable and interactive room assortments.
Customers see coordinating items around the item they’re considering in several rooms, offering them inspiration they can customize to craft their dream decor. The experience ultimately leads to more revenue for you.

Increase Engagement 

Visitors spend more time on-site, discovering more of your catalog and engaging with your brand

Add More to Cart

With engaging experiences across your website, customers add more items to their cart

Drive Site to Store Traffic 

Give shoppers confidence visiting your store is worthwhile by showcasing your broad assortment in their context

Lift Revenue per Buyer

Raise revenue per buyer by showing customers more of your catalog in intelligent, inspirational ways

Interactive Ensembles
is the core of our platform

Cross-Category Ensembles

Shoppers see ensembles containing multiple categories of items across your catalog, providing them inspiration to buy more from you. They see more, so you sell more.

Share Inspiration

Customers can email their ensembles and create a portable shopping list. A copy is sent to you, isolating high-intent leads with the exact products they want. Shoppers can also share ensembles to social media, increasing brand exposure for you.

Product Discovery

Ensembles are curated around a specific item and presented right on its product description page, allowing shoppers to discover 250+ items without ever leaving the page.

Fast Value

It takes three hours or less of your team’s effort to get up and running on your website.  Share your existing eCommerce product feed with us.  We do the heavy lifting and provide you the two lines of code to implement, and help you in a live integration session.


5x increase in time spent on site

Visitors engaged with the Interactive Ensembles platform spent 40 minutes on-site on average, compared to 7 minutes for non-engaged visitors

42% increase in order size

Shoppers that engaged with Interactive Ensembles added an average of 42% more items to their final order, in-store and online

33% lift in revenue per buyer

Shoppers engaged with Interactive Ensembles end up with an average order value that is 33% higher than non-engaged shoppers.

Take your customer experience to the next level

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Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company before, during, and after a purchase. In today’s increasingly competitive economy, customer experience is becoming ever more important; 64% of consumers say that CX is more important to them than price in their purchase decisions and 74% of consumers are likely to switch brands if the purchasing process is too difficult.

Let Shoptelligence Help 

Those numbers are significant – it means that you need to create a delightful, memorable experience on your website so that customers visit you in-store and close their sales. Shoptelligence helps you create exceptional customer experiences across your platforms, starting with Interactive Ensembles.