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Make better merchandising decisions with Shoptelligence as the analytics behind your catalog. Based strongly in customer data, we take your whole product collection and intelligently match items in assortments based on style that help you see more merchandising possibilities. 

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Visual Merchandising, Right on Your Website

We’re able to visually display our intelligently curated ensembles in ways that work.

Customers see more items from across your catalog – over 200 different items, all from a single page. But you’re not just showing them products, you’re inspiring them with style. With amazing online merchandising, customers are inspired with endless possibilities and buy more from you.

How did our style get so good?

We spent years perfecting it.

Before we ever wrote a line of code, we spent a year working with designers and leaders in furniture manufacturing and learned about what makes good style work. Since then, we’ve written a set of rules that make our amazing style decisions and put together ensembles that’ll impress your customers.

Best Features of the Platform

Our platform is beautifully set up for a merchandising professional, designed to help you get the most out of your catalog.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrates with your existing catalog and data feeds
  • Integrates throughout all retail channels
  • Automatically accounts for inventory
  • Manual override for complete control over the platform

See how our products do it

Interactive Ensembles

Interactive Ensembles

Bring inspiration and shopping together with interactive ensembles

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Dynamic Curation

Dynamic Curation

Bring shoppers the right suggestions so they close the sale with you

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Merchant Assist

Merchant Assist

Take control over the Shoptelligence platform with Merchant Assist

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Shoptelligence will take your merchandising to the next level.
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