Store Operations

Close that sale, and the next and the next…

You’ve done the work and now your shopper is in your store. Let Shoptelligence help you make sure you close the sale, and then some. Give your customers the in-store experience they expect with a seamless platform, style inspiration, and recommendations they care about.

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Bridge the gap from digital to physical.

Customers will start online, but how do you make sure they close in your store?

Make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for them. Our platform helps inspire shoppers online to discover products and brings them in store. From there, our in-store integrations continue to provide the personal style experience that customers want to have without having to start the discovery process over again. You maximize floor space without using any floor space.

Increase your minimal level of competence.

The worst thing for shoppers to have to deal with is a sales associate who can’t help them.

Good thing we can. We provide your associates with a safety net that combines the best of AI and human to provide the in-store assistance a customer expects. Your associates will never be left with a blank screen when you integrate with Shoptelligence.

Best Features of the Platform

Our solutions are built for you to get the most out of every UP.

  • Easily integrated across all your channels, from digital to in-store
  • Easy-to-use interface makes training associates a breeze
  • Captures data on engagement with your channels and products
  • Robust client-success process adapts to your business needs so you can get the most out of the platform everywhere

See how our products do it

Interactive Ensembles

Interactive Ensembles

Bring inspiration and shopping together with interactive ensembles.

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Dynamic Curation

Dynamic Curation

Stocked-out? No problem. We’ll help your customers find the next best thing.

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Email Leads

Email Leads

Make the transition to in-store seamless with a send-to-email feature.

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Shoptelligence will take your marketing to the next level.
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