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Shoptelligence helps furnishings sellers easily merchandise the right products to each consumer. Our trusted platform reasons like a designer, understanding how products are used and go together, tailoring suggestions to the shopper’s individual objectives and preferences it learns. Delivering a cohesive omni-channel experience, Shoptelligence is a proven solution to grow revenue per customer.

Shoptelligence along the customer journey

Meet the shopper where they are
Deliver a cohesive, STyle-based experience across all channels


eComm STyle Experience
Grow revenue per visitor 232%

Our intelligent merchandising experiences help shoppers discover more of your catalog, keeping them onsite longer and increasing their purchase intent.  Turbocharge your site’s product detail pages, cart and order confirmation with the right algorithm to boost conversion and AOV.  Using your basic product catalog, integration takes just hours.

Room STylist: Automatically complete the room around any item the shopper is looking at and allow them to tailor it to their style.  Grows AOV by over 30%.

STyle Finder: Automatically suggests similar products by attribute (overall, by color, style, price), helping shoppers find the exact right item and boosting conversion.

STyle Inspiration Boards: Give shoppers a Pinterest-like experience to create and save inspiration boards, increasing return visits by 4X.

Drive qualified store traffic for 90% less

Not all leads are created equal.  STyLeads isolates high intent shoppers with intelligent merchandising, getting shoppers to identify themselves onsite.  These hand-raiser leads, enriched with the items the shopper is interested in, are automatically routed to the right store for sales associates to follow up.  10% of these shoppers buy in store within 14 days, helping retailers directly monetize their site traffic, all for the cost of a web CPC.

Lead Generation: The convenience of mail sharing to help remember products entices shoppers to provide their email, no offer or contest necessary.

Personalized Couponing: Special offers entice shoppers to identify themselves and coupons specific to the individual customer provide retailers direct attribution to in store orders.

Lead Routing: Real-time and batch lead routing to stores helps sales associates follow up timely and helps grow the retailer’s mailing list with quality leads.

Boost email marketing effectiveness by 3X

Personalization is a proven way to turbo-charge email marketing.  STyleMail leverages a shopper’s interactions across the web, store and email to learn their preferences and retarget them with relevant merchandising for whichever step in the journey they’re in.  From basic site activity such as abandoned cart to integration with remaining credit from financing, STyleMail gets shoppers back to your site and inspires them to buy and buy more.

Personalized Content: STyleMail combines the shopper’s STyle Profile and recent activities to decide the most compelling content for that shopper at that point in time, boosting relevance and clicks.

Financing Integration: Inspire shoppers to use their pre-approved or remaining credit by merchandising rooms and items that fit their budget and STyle Profile.

Customer Identification: As shoppers click through to the site from any STyleMail message, we associate their formerly anonymous profile with their identity to make messages more relevant.

STyle AssiST
Grow sales associate effectiveness by 30%+

Shoppers expect an omni-channel experience, so why make them start over when they finally visit the store?  STyle AssiST provides sales associates easy access to understand the shopper’s context, helping them close more sales.  Integrated Room STylist helps associates build the ticket by suggesting the room, not just an item.  STyle Inspiration Boards help shoppers remember items for the next purchase, growing loyalty.

Onsite Browsing History: Associates can view items the shopper clicked or saved online to better understand the shopper’s goals and preferences.

Merchandising Assistance: Integrated STyleFinder helps the associate show the exact right product and Room STylist helps them easily accessorize to grow AOV.

Integration with Appointment Scheduling: Shoppers expect personal service during appointments.  Help associates prepare by and creating inspiration boards for a more consultative experience.

STyle Profiles
Know your shoppers, even the anonymous ones

As shoppers interact in any channel, Shoptelligence tracks activity.  Leveraging our product STyle Attributes we learn the shopper’s detailed preferences and reasons for shopping.  Once shoppers identify themselves, whether through submitting their contact info or clicking through an email, we automatically associate the anonymous profiles to that shopper, whether on one device or many.  Enriched with in store activity, this omni-channel profile powers more intelligent and personalized merchandising experiences to maximize conversion, ticket sizes and customer lifetime value.

Case Studies


Gardner-White Furniture, 2018 Retailer of the Year and Furniture Today Top 50 company, implemented Shoptelligence’s eComm STyle Experience to increase its Average Order Value online as a key competitive differentiator.

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El Dorado

Top 50 retailer El Dorado Furniture uses eComm STyle Experience to deliver a style-oriented full-room experience growing its revenue per buyer, onsite engagement, cross-category merchandising and word-of-mouth promotion.

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Kane’s Furniture

Top 50 retailer Kane’s Furniture implemented Shoptelligence’s STyLeads to engage low-funnel shoppers and drive them to the store, resulting in larger eCommerce orders and direct in-store revenue.

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