Delight Shoppers by Understanding and Offering What They Really Want

Grow ticket size, increase customer lifetime value, and boost revenue with our proven AI-powered omnichannel platform. Help customers achieve their style with an inspirational shopping experience and earn their loyalty with individualized customer style profiles that demonstrate your understanding of their unique preferences.

Accelerate Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

It costs up to 5x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Keep customers coming back with the agile site-to-store shopping experience that they expect and appreciate. Shoptelligence’s cutting-edge, AI-based, interactive merchandising solutions offer personalized experiences across all channels and touchpoints, seamlessly.

Personalize. Inspire. Engage. (with the help of AI)

Provide a seamless experience at every point of the buyer’s journey. Transform product data into rich style attributes and provide customers with an interactive experience that keeps them engaged and earn more of their business.

Increase AOV with onsite engagement

Provide dynamic visual merchandising that presents shoppers with styled product combinations and inspirations that anticipate exactly what they're thinking.

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Drive Traffic From Site to the Store

Engage and generate qualified leads. Drive them to the store with personalized messaging and a cohesive experience that moves them to complete the purchase.

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Create Customers for Life

Motivate and inspire shoppers to expand their relationships with your business through personalized and relevant merchandising delivered directly to their inboxes.

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Boost Sales Associate Effectiveness

Empower your associates to provide customers with a personalized service, a seamless omnichannel experience, and true design assistance - at scale.

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Demonstrated Results Powered by Shoptelligence

Increase in Revenue per Buyer
0 %
Shoppers engaged with Shoptelligence’s AI-based recommendations increase their average order value by 33%.
Increase in Time Spent on Site
0 x
Online shoppers engaged with Shoptelligence spend an average of 40 minutes on-site, compared to the typical 7 minutes.
Increase in Order Size
0 %
In-store and online shoppers engaged with Shoptelligence add an average of 42% more items to their final orders.

0 to ROI in 60 Days

Get up and running in less time than it takes to fulfill your next custom order.

Getting Started is Easy

Deliver a personalized, cohesive, shopping experience across multiple online and in-person channels!