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We solve for the #1 issue facing furniture dealers today: Declining Store Traffic

At Shoptelligence, we drive more from less and help you get the most out of every shopper who visits your site or walks into your store. We increase your Average Order Value by serving as a virtual designer to make your website and sales associates smarter and more effective.

Journey into our world and let us show you how we increase revenue, improve the customer experience, and give you actionable insights to better engage with customers at every touchpoint.

42% more items per order

ST-engaged shoppers buy rooms, not just items

32% average order value lift

When shoppers see relevant inspiration, they buy more

How We Drive More Revenue

Fact: Shoppers who engage with the Shoptelligence platform add more items to their cart and spend an average of 32% more per order than those that don’t.

How: Shoptelligence puts a virtual designer at every point on the customer journey, helping shoppers find inspiration and make it their own from your catalog.

We start by narrowing and personalizing your catalog to a shopper’s individual style and room to help them find the one. Next, we help them (or your sales associates) design their room with interactive cross-category ensembles that inspire them to complete their room, their style.
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How We Build a Better Customer Experience

Fact: Shoppers who engage with the Shoptelligence platform spend 10X more time on your site and are 3X more likely to return than those that don’t.

How: Shoptelligence connects inspiration to buyable products at every customer touchpoint to help shoppers easily move from idea to furnished room.

It’s not just about showing shoppers more items. It’s about being relevant to each shopper. Most start their journey on inspiration-based sites such as Pinterest and Houzz, research further then finally arrive at the retailer.

With Shoptelligence, you offer a better process and maximize the likelihood the shopper will visit your store and buy from you. We connect inspiration to shopping and help you provide quality personal assistance at scale, all through a fun, interactive experience onsite, in store and everywhere.

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How Our Analytics Make It All Happen

If content is king, then context is what put it on the throne. With Shoptelligence, you’re able to present your products in the most relevant contexts and demonstrate just how well you know furnishings and can apply it to the individual customer’s preferences.
Our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based platform is specifically trained for Home Furnishings. Its automated algorithms transform your basic product data into rich style attributes, capture individual shopper preferences as they interact with our platform and reason like a designer. The result is an interactive, design-oriented experience that helps shoppers discover and buy more and keep coming back.
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A solution built for you.

Integrates across channels and accounts for inventory

Automatically account for inventory changes and integrate wherever your catalog is, from your website to your in-store tablets.

Advanced reporting and client success process

An intensive 12-week client success process and advanced analytical reporting ensures you get the most out of your Shoptelligence products.

Just 3 simple lines of code to start

Integration couldn’t be easier. You insert 3 lines of code on your website, and you’re ready to get started.

As much control as you want

Let our algorithms take care of everything or combine the best of human and AI. Either way, you’re in control.

See how we can help.

Trusted with our clients.

”Shoptelligence’s technology has helped us elevate our online experience, and that’s translating into higher quality orders and real dollars.”- Matt, Gardner-White
”Shoptelligence is really pushing the boundaries not seen in traditional recommendations and personalization solutions.”- Pete Franco, Director of E-Commerce at Living Spaces
”Shoptelligence makes it easy for consumers to discover products that go together, and Affirm makes it easy for them to make the purchase by paying over time -- it's a powerful combination to help retailers increase both conversions and AOV.``- Chip Overstreet, Vice President of Business Development at Afirm, Inc.
”The Shoptelligence platform is all about putting the customer experience first and letting them discover their own style across the retailer's entire assortment, online or in-store. Their quick integration takes full advantage of Elo’s touchscreen technology platform, making Shoptelligence an ideal partner for in-store experiences.”- Luke Wilwerding, Director of North American Sales at ELO

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