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Our STyle Discovery platform is the powerful, convenient, digital omnichannel foundation you’ve dreamed of. Build relationships and provide the personalized omnichannel shopping experience that delights shoppers and inspires them to complete transactions. Available as a turnkey solution or as individual components to enhance your existing system’s landscape, Shoptelligence is an easy to implement yet highly customizable platform that helps you capture and use data, cultivate customer relationships, and meet the customer where they are.

Exceed Client Expectations with Shoptelligence

Your customers want to know that you’re ready to meet them where they are and guide them to where they want to go. Go live in just weeks and watch revenue soar when you show shoppers how well you understand them with Shoptelligence.

Our AI-powered software gathers and interprets consumer behavior, then maximizes the value of every touchpoint. Shoptelligence provide shoppers with a personalized, interactive merchandising that reflects their taste across every channel. You’ll be there to greet them at every point on their path to purchase, offering just the right items and inspirations for them from your catalog and supporting them as they complete their transaction.

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Omnichannel STyle Profile

The Shoptelligence Platform captures every interaction of each consumer automatically, learning their preferences to create a unique STyle Profile. If/when a customer identifies themselves, their STyle Profile is associated with them, across channels. Every interaction following leverages the STyle Profile, no matter where the shopper is in their journey. Your customer’s Shoptelligence STyle Profile is portable. It travels endlessly and invisibly with them between website and store, providing the highest-quality combination of personalization and personal assistance wherever they want to shop.

STyle Reasoning-Based Algorithms

The days of like-this-love-that are over. Shoptelligence’s AI offers so much more, learning about your customer’s style and budget preferences then offering recommendations to help them figure out what shoppers want, find the perfect product, and complete the look. The result is more sales and bigger orders for you.

Data or UI-level Integration

Shoptelligence’s easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrates with your existing catalog and data feeds on every retail channel to support sales online and in-store. We can provide a turnkey solution that has UIs included or we can deliver an API-based integration for more advanced applications.

Cross-Channel Customer Identification

Our STyle Discovery Platform captures every customer interaction and stores them in a unique STyle Profile. Their preferences, objectives, and interactions follow them across channels, in a privacy-safe environment.

Best Features of
the Platform

Our solutions are built for you to make sure you realize a measurable, highly lucrative return on your investment.

Easy to implement

Effortlessly integrated across all your channels, from digital to in-store.


Personalized so customers feel like they’re getting advice from a designer.

Data-Driven Learning

Always gathering actionable data on customer engagement with your channels and products.


Fully customized to your needs, making your brand top-of-mind for customers.

Happy Customers Spend More Now and Later

Build customer loyalty by building relationships. Get to know your customers across every channel. Shoppers want to feel seen. Data shows that, when you satisfy this need, not only does the size of their immediate purchase increase, but so does the likelihood that they will return and spend with you again. And again. And again. Shoptelligence’s unique platform will ensure that your customers see themselves and their preferences at every touchpoint, encouraging them to buy more now and cultivating brand loyalty for the future.

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