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Inspire your customers with a more effective, relevant shopping experience that better reflects their style and moves them to action across all channels. Put Shoptelligence’s personalized merchandising and engagement machine behind your marketing and produce the seamless shopping experience your customers demand.

Discover a completely new way to engage with your brand.

You’ve never seen anything like it – because there is nothing else like it. Shoptelligence is not a typical “recommendations” widget. It’s an improved customer experience. Everywhere.
Every time a shopper engages with your site, they offer valuable insight into their tastes. Working in real time, our AI-powered platform takes the data your customers share and automatically transforms it into inspirational looks. By reasoning like a designer with our proprietary STyle Reasoning and learning visitors’ attribute preferences, we serve them completed, interactive assortments they can use to create and purchase their dream look from your inventory.
Increase in Time on Site
0 x
Time is opportunity! Shoppers spend more time on websites that engage them with Shoptelligence than on those providing a less thrilling experience. More time on site correlates to higher purchase intent and likelihood to visit a store.
Revenue per STyLead
$ 0

See the effect of STyLeads as it bridges the gap from online to in-store, consistently driving traffic and increasing revenue per customer.

Increase in Order Size per Buyer
0 %
Boost profits with bigger orders. Shoppers who engage with Shoptelligence are inspired to create a complete look and buy more items with each purchase.

Create a seamless journey.

We integrate into all your channels to provide interactive merchandising that feels personal.

The more shoppers engage, the more they buy. Craft a customer journey that delivers inspiration to your customers no matter where they are in their shopping journey. Integrating across your existing technologies, we build a seamless interaction between you and your customers that gives them personalized inspiration. You’ll deliver exciting style recommendations that get them to discover new products and complete their looks and keep coming back for more.

Best Features of
the Platform

Our solutions are built for you to make sure you realize a measurable, highly lucrative return on your investment.

Easy to implement

Effortlessly integrated across all your channels, from digital to in-store.


Personalized so customers feel like they’re getting advice from a designer.

Data-Driven Learning

Always gathering actionable data on customer engagement with your channels and products.


Fully customized to your needs, making your brand top-of-mind for customers.

See how our products do it

eCommerce STyle Experience

Integrated and inspirational shopping offered together through interactive ensembles. Interactive style-based merchandising to drive engagement and revenue per visitor.

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Automated email marketing with personalized content that will engage shoppers and motivate them to come back to your store.

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So highly personalized that customers feel like they’re working with a designer. Drive highly qualified leads from the site directly to sales associates.

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