Finance Companies

Make finance the starting point in every shopping journey.

Transform your website into consumers’ favorite shopping portal and watch profits grow

Your payments solutions have more to offer new and existing customers than many of them know. Move payment considerations from a checkout afterthought to the first step on the path to purchase. Show consumers just how much you can do for them with Shoptelligence.

When your card is top-of-mind, you’ll be top-of-wallet, too.

Maximize revenue by making your card the one that shoppers reach for every time. 

Build trust and cultivate relationships. Show your customers how well you really understand them. Connect consumers to the right merchandise at the right time, all within their budget. Shoptelligence’s AI-powered engine acts as a personal assistant, connecting visitors to your website with curated, cross-retailer bundles that reflect their taste. Motivated shoppers click through and purchase items that make maximum use of their remaining or approved credit, leading to increased profits for you.

Provide shoppers the exciting experience they crave.

Give your customers the shopping inspirtainment they need to enjoy using their credit.
When consumers are given personalized inspirations , they return to preferred vendors for additional purchases and try products from retailers they haven’t tried before. Items per ticket, AOV, and CLV all climb as they spend more, repeating past purchases and discovering new options. All this shopping generates more revenue for your company.

Our AI-Powered Stylist Offers a Seamless Omnichannel Retail Experience

Engage shoppers, boost retail associate confidence, and increase average order value with a custom-curated collection and individually-tailored designs that reflect your customers’ preferences.


Monetize your site traffic. Create new revenue streams when you drive traffic to merchant partner sites.


Maximize customer lifetime value. Offer personalized merchandising within the cardholder's remaining or approved credit.


Inspire shoppers to spend. Personalized, in-budget product bundles show them what they can do with their remaining or pre-qualified credit.

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Deliver a personalized, cohesive, shopping experience across multiple online and in-person channels!