Tap into the power of AI-driven personalized email marketing.

Preference-driven STyleMail accompanies your customer on their omnichannel path to purchase, embedding their demonstrated preferences within your merchandising message, showing them exciting ensembles built from your catalog, and delivering that personalized communication straight to their inbox. 

It's So Much More Than "If You Like That, You'll Love This!"

Rethinking the traditional campaigns that blast consumers with emails telling them what to buy and when, successful retailers are shifting to a more shopper-centric approach. That’s STyleMail. By combining intelligent understanding of action-based triggers with an ability to actually learn customer preferences, STyleMail uses STyle Reasoning show your customers options to help them accomplish their shopping goals through automated, customizable communications that they’ll be happy to receive and open.  

Transform Your Business with STyleMail

Cultivate relationships that will grow Customer Lifetime Value and boost per-subscriber revenue with communications that show you care about your customers and understand what they are trying to achieve.

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Maximize Response Rate

Show your customers that you understand them through personalized merchandising to help complete the look.

Increase Click-through Rate

Increase the likelihood that shoppers will click by providing them with highly relevant content.

Build Customer Loyalty

Become the retailer your customers are happy to hear from with outbound communications that reflect their style.

Boost Revenue-per-subscriber

Personalized merchandising and messaging entices the shopper to make more frequent transactions for more categories of items.

Shopper Action-based Triggers​

The customer invisibly drives the communication process as their actions trigger automated emails that deliver content and merchandising relevant to where they are on their shopping journey – and where they want to go. 

Customer Preference Learning​

STyleMail will get to know every shopper on the site, and then generate individual STyle Profiles for each one, even those who remain anonymous. STyle Profiles learn preferences on the most detailed attribute level, and make recommendations that demonstrate that insight.

Customer Identification​

As visitors engage onsite, in-store, and through email, our proprietary algorithms associate a shopper’s identity with their Style Profile. Those profiles are what enables automated, personalized merchandising and messaging.

Customizable Automated Emails.

One size does not fit all. Now your emails will be as tailored as your inventory.

Customizable Automated Emails

One size does not fit all. Now your emails will be as carefully curated as your inventory. Inspire repeat purchases with friendly emails that build relationships.  


Retargeting Pre-Purchase Email 

Understand where your shoppers are in their journey and what their objectives are. Follow up with customers with dynamic merchandising based on their onsite and in-store actions.


Post-Purchase Email

Send fun and inspirational post-purchase email to help your customers conveniently complete the look with recommendations that reflect their taste and budget.


Open-to-Buy Email

Stop losing sales that don’t convert in-store. STyleMail knows what your customers shopped for and gives them a convenient option to purchase or inspire them with ensembles that fit within their remaining credit.

How does STyleMail work?

STyleMail offers a simple, seamless solution for sellers and consumers alike. The intelligent system analyzes customer activity across all channels along with purchase history , then generates product and ensemble recommendations that reflect the shopper’s preferences and objectives using STyle Reasoning, then uses fully customizable templates to generate and send personalized emails. It’s all automated with quick and easy ways for you to follow up built right in.  

Analyze customer shopping history to learn STyle Preferences

Learn from every visitor interaction both onsite and in-store to create a STyle Profile for each individual shopper, getting to know them and their objectives.

Proprietary AI generates recommendations with STyle Reasoning

Watching and learning, the Shoptelligence STyling algorithms are able to make the right recommendations to help shoppers discover new products they like, find the perfect product, or complete their look, all according to their preferences, goals, and budget.

Personalized, automated email

These aren’t sales emails. They’re insightful recommendations, like the ones the most knowledgeable sales associates make.

Automated retargeting easy follow-up

Shoptelligence’s STyle Discovery Platform detects recent shopper activity, determining where they are in their journey and what their goals are. Follow up with relevant and personalized content to move the shopper closer to purchase.

Enhances the CX

Your customers expect a top-notch experience every time they interact with your brand. Stop sending cookie-cutter emails. Bring flair to your communications with STyleMail.

Increases customer conversion in-store and online while driving customer lifetime value

When your customers feel seen and valued with communications that show how well you understand them, they are moved to purchase. Average order and lifetime value skyrocket.

Increases customer engagement

Create one more touchpoint when you deliver the seamless omnichannel journey you’ve created online and in-store directly to your customer’s inbox.

Getting Started is Easy

Requiring only an order feed, product feed, & email list, STyleMail is easy to implement and works seamlessly online, in-store, and with email to help retailers get the most out of their existing traffic.