STyle Insight

Transform customer activity into actionable insights to improve profit

Visitors and customers generate valuable data as they move through product pages, open emails, search inventory, and place orders. Our STyle Insight solution captures the data and enriches it with both shopper and product attributes. By aggregating the data and enriching insights, it helps improve demand forecasting and informed sales.

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Helping Vendors Measurably Grow Sales

In an increasing complex market with multiple shopping channels, vendors face an uphill battle to grow sales. Today, the power of customer data is more valuable than ever. Customer insights help vendors weave multi-channel shopping into a seamless, personalized experience, and helps shoppers discover the products that inspire satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. Vendors increase market share, grow average order value, and watch sales numbers climb, today and in the future.

Helping Vendors More Accurately Forecast Demand

Preferences and styles move faster than ever before. Vendors need to predict the latest trend as it’s unfolding in order to right-size inventory and stock the products everyone wants. Customer data helps highlight items growing in popularity by tracking clicks, PDP views, and browsing history. With STyle Insight’s AI-powered reports, vendors can adjust forecasts by region, avoid underordering, and ride the trends to increased sales.

Comprehensive Data and AI-Powered Analysis Drive Satisfaction and Sales

From marketing to inventory management, customer data capture and analysis generates more leads, recaptures flagging sales, increases order value, and avoids lost sales from stock-outs.

Generate leads and data

Shoppers easily discover more products and inspiration on vendor sites. Shoptelligence routes highly qualified leads to retailers, providing associates with the customer insight that turns leads into purchases.


Personalized emails help retailer merchants discover new products and re-ignite shopper interest with recommended product assortments, growing new accounts and boosting sales-per-account.

Avoid lost sales

Retailers won’t despair when their customers’ selections are out of stock. They’ll easily find similar items that match their customer’s needs and help them recapture the sale.

Maximize Retailer Floor Space

Match inventory to customer demand with product trend reports by location. Enable sales representatives to recommend trending products to the retailer, ultimately maximizing their sales-per-square-foot.

Personalized Email Marketing

Customers receive data-driven recommendations that help them assemble looks within their style, preferences, and budget. Product selections are tailored to build on past purchases or help shoppers find new inspiration for the next project.

Capture Unknown Demand

Understand inventory searches that result in OOS. Dynamically merchandise similar items. Aggregate OOS inventory searches into a reliable signal for demand forecasting.
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How It Works


Transcend catalog categories and help customers discover new options to complete their look. Route highly qualified leads from website to retailer for a convenient, seamless purchasing experience.


Use sales data and customer activity to determine the products most and least in demand for each locality. Trend reports help sales representatives make effective recommendations and optimize retailer orders to meet consumer demand.


Enable targeted personalized merchandising to retail merchants to stay top of mind and grow sales-per-account.


Customer activity patterns enable insights into each shopper’s journey as well as broad analysis of trends. Use data-based analysis for more efficient inventory management, improved customer experience, and more accurate demand forecasting.

Getting Started is Easy

Deliver a personalized, cohesive, shopping experience across multiple online and in-person channels.