Intelligent Wallet

Top of Mind = Top of Wallet

With a large majority of shoppers completing transactions online, most know how they are going to pay for their purchase before they even begin to look for it. Not only are shoppers beginning their journey with a need, but also with the knowledge of how they’re going to pay for it. From there they decide where to shop and what exactly is going to satisfy their need. With bringing finance to the forefront of the shopper journey, order values grow and customer loyalty soars. And because everything is streamlined and simple, the payment process never gets in the way of inspiration.

Draw on Available Credit to Inspire Purchases & Increase Credit Utilization

Shoppers easily connect with exciting products matched to style preferences and within available credit. Making payments never gets in the way of the shopping experience, and customers easily leverage financing for larger purchases.

Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Customers come back over and over to see AI-powered product recommendations that inspire more purchases and repeat business.

Streamline Shopping With Personalized Offerings

Personalized marketing to loyal shoppers drives 3 times the return compared to mass promotions. With personalized offerings, shoppers easily find the merchandise that fits within their credit limits and suits their style.

Acquire New Cardholders

Be the starting point for shoppers and retailers to find the right products to meet their needs. Collaborate with merchants to maximize your penetration in their customer base.

Personalized Merchandising Tied to Credit

Email marketing features product recommendations based on recipients’ preferences and style, within their budget or remaining credit. Personalized ensembles show shoppers how to realize their vision while increasing email engagement, response rate, and cardholder value.

Cross-Retailer Discovery

Cross-retailer merchandising helps shoppers discover products from all of your merchants in a seamless customer experience.

Highly Qualified Leads to Merchants

Combine financing with intelligent merchandising to inspire shoppers’ imagination and make it easy to complete projects. Simplified financing increases order value and credit revenue while building customer loyalty.

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Grow Sales with a Personalized Marketplace

Shoppers begin their journey with an interactive style-based marketplace offering products from multiple retailers based on the customer’s style, preferences, budget, and shopping objectives. Drive qualified traffic to merchants for increased revenue and a sticky experience for increased customer loyalty.


Maximize Repeat Purchases Using Customers’ Open-to-Buy

Shoppers stay loyal to companies that understand them and make it easy to find what they want. Personalized merchandising beyond the first sale and throughout their credit journey keeps customers coming back for tailored product selections that match their style, inspire new projects, and fit within the budget.


Attract Prospects and Amplify Your Brand in New Markets

Shoppers flock to sites that spark imagination and excite new possibilities. Co-market with your merchants to acquire new audiences with product bundles assembled for each customer based on pre-qualified credit and style preferences. .

How It Works


An AI-powered personal STyle assistant helps customers discover retailers perfectly suited to their shopping needs and preferences. Drive qualified leads with robust data to retail partners through the store locator. Paired with the right merchants, shoppers increase purchase size and frequency.


Style-inspired product recommendations combined with simplified financing sparks excitement for offered merchandise while paving the way for buyers to move forward with approved credit. Purchases don’t get bogged down in a tedious financing process; instead, shoppers stay focused on the products they love.