Room STylist and STyle Finder

Buy more with interactive and engaging merchandising

Watch profits grow as Shoptelligence’s unique AI-powered software delights your customers by reflecting their style, offering carefully curated suggestions, and providing the personalized omnichannel shopping experience they crave.

Increased Online Engagement

Offer a seamless experience across channels, providing opportunities for shoppers to interact with your brand on their terms. Shoppers engage with more individually-curated products across more categories, increasing not only the chance that they will buy, but the likelihood that they will buy more products and more frequently.

Increased Conversion

Assist shoppers in completing their transactions by providing carefully curated ensembles according to their style and objective, ultimately helping them find the perfect item and return to buy more.

Increased Average Order Value

Personalized recommendations that reflect shoppers’ preferences and budget provide shoppable inspiration, allowing you to merchandise multiple cross-category products at once, growing the number of units per transaction, and translating to more robust sales and higher AOVs.

Increased Brand Loyalty 

Shoppers will return time and again when they trust they’ll see themselves reflected in their shopping experience and are guaranteed to receive a convenient shopping experience. Customer lifetime value increases as brand loyalty expands.

Increase in Engagement
0 x
The inspiration and entertainment provided by Shoptelligence leads to six times the average level of customer website engagement.
Increase in AOV
0 %
Buyers who used Shoptelligence’s interactive merchandising add more items to their order, boosting AOV.
Increase in Conversion Rate
0 %
Move your customers to purchase by showing them you understand their needs with STyle Finder.
Increase in Revenue-per-visitor
0 %
Increase revenue-per-visitor by making it easy for customers to find what they want with STyle Finder.

Room STylist: Complete the Look

Your customers’ style isn’t generic, and now your suggestions won’t be, either. Help customers achieve their objective with AI-reasoned, individualized recommendations for the purchase of an entire suite of cross-category products that accurately reflects their style.

STyle Finder: More Like This

Help shoppers find the items they’re seeking with same-category recommendations.

STyle Inspiration Boards: Pin It  

Shoppers who pin an inspiration are 10x more likely to return to your site. Shoptelligence gives your customers everything they need to save and pin their completed looks and keep them coming back.

STyle Curator: Shop by Category

No matter what your client needs – and even if they’re not sure what they’re looking for– they’ll find it conveniently indexed and simple to access. Let shoppers filter and sort across your catalog based on their style and objectives.

Room STylist

Offer customers the inspirtainment they need to craft their dream look. Show them coordinating items in multiple categories, then provide easy purchase opportunities that transform imagination into reality for them and revenue for you.

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STyle Finder

Help shoppers discover exactly the right product for them and make it easier than ever for them to buy it from you with recommendations based on attribute categories.

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STyle Inspiration Boards

Your customers will enjoy imagining themselves in your products when they create shoppable digital style boards that they can edit, save, and email to themselves or their store associate.

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STyle Curator

Help shoppers figure out what they're looking for with interactive cross-category product listing pages that shoppers can filter based on style, room, budget and any product attribute.

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How It Works

Shoptelligence isn’t just the shopper’s favorite personal assistant. It’s yours, too!  We make it easy. You provide Shoptelligence with your product catalog, and the system will handle all of the interactive merchandising, as well as staying up to date with inventory and trends. 

Coordinate items to complete the room around a shopper’s style and viewed items  

Using Shoptelligence’s unique STyle Reasoning, the system is able to understand which items from your inventory go well with others, like a stylist. It then learns based on each visitor’s views and clicks, and makes inspiring and exciting recommendations to delight customers and boost average order value.

Merchandise most similar products by vector, promoting specific attributes

Leveraging thousands of STyle Attributes, Shoptelligence automatically enriches catalogs, showing off its wide range of products so that the shopper can discover more items than they might otherwise., Shoptelligence is your silent partner, automatically guiding sales to close online and in-store. 

Help shoppers save and share items and customized looks

Is your customer not quite ready to buy? That’s ok. Shoptelligence is patient, making it easy for customers to save complete looks, share them with friends and family, and return to them any time to complete the sale.

Cross-category curation by group, style and attribute

By understanding how to apply attributes across categories, Shoptelligence shows shoppers coordinating items in multiple rooms and encourages them to visit more of your pages as they craft their dream look. Personalize navigation through your catalog using both STyle Attributes and STyle Reasoning.

Getting Started is Easy

Requiring only a product feed, eCommerce STyle Experience is easy to implement and works seamlessly online, in-store, and with email to help retailers get the most out of their existing traffic.