Drive Qualified Leads to Store

STyLeads is a resourceful qualified lead generation tool designed to drive high-intent shoppers to your store. STyLeads builds the bridge between eCommerce and in-store, offering multiple ways for consumers to submit their information. In addition to contact information, Shoptelligence captures and sends each user’s unique onsite activity to the retail associate pre visit, allowing for personalized follow up and a seamless omnichannel experience.

A Convenient, Cohesive, Customizable Experience

STyLeads is designed to drive traffic from site to store, increasing your AOV and conversion rate in a seamless omnichannel experience, personalized to each shopper.

Capture Truly Qualified Leads

These aren’t random customers that are just interested in winning a sweepstake. These are high intent shoppers who have saved specific products on your site, and are ready to buy. 

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Seamless Omnichannel Retail Experience 

From anonymous online shopper to a highly qualified lead ready to purchase, the customer journey from site-to-store is a convenient and frictionless experience.

Directly Attributable Store Revenue

Our in-store solutions support a real-time connection between the customer and sales associate, providing you with actionable insights to directly attribute store revenue to digital efforts.

Boosted Retail Associate Confidence

Human connections remain one of the most influential means of getting a consumer to take action. STyLeads provides a unique insight to customer preferences via the sales associate portal.

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Personalized Couponing

Personalized coupons increase your catalog discovery, connecting the consumer with what they want to buy. It provides for direct attribution and avoids unnecessary spending on promotions. 

Enriched Lead Data

Compelling lead generation using personalized, promotional offers on the PDP to incentivize on-site shoppers to convert, providing retailers with style preference data of high intent customers. Provide your sales associates with rich information with the shopper’s onsite activity to enable higher conversion rates and more add-on opportunities. 

Multiple Integration Options

Our integration captures each user’s unique browsing history and connects it to a profile available to the retail associate pre-visit, not only enabling the retail associate the consumer insights they need to close the sale, but allowing the Shoptelligence platform to connect the consumer with individualized offers that will bring them back for more. Options for integration – Appointment Scheduling, Email, Chat, Couponing, Store Locator.

How It Works

Customer Submits Email Address

The online shopper finds products they are interested in, but not ready to buy. To share it, schedule an appointment, or claim a special offer, they select their store and provide their email address.

Sales Assistant Receives Unique User History

An email is sent to both the consumer and the store with the items that the shopper is interested in. Emails can be routed to local stores and centrally or retailer systems can tap into it in real-time on the website.

Associates Follow up with the Customer

Store associates reach out to connect with the customer incustomerconsumer in a unique and personalpersonable way to assist with the purchase. The customer can also be added to and receive future marketing communications email lists, contributing to a positive customer experience and more likely sale. high impact sale.

Customer Visits the Store

If personalized coupons were used or an appointment scheduled, sales associates enter it into the point-of-sale for future reporting. 

Getting Started is Easy

Requiring only store locations & product data, STyLeads is easy to implement and works seamlessly online, in-store, and with email to help retailers get the most out of their existing traffic.