Shoptelligence Launches AI-Powered Style Assistant

Shoptelligence’s AI-Powered Style Assistant is live in apparel and home furnishings, engaging shoppers with cross-category, style-based product combinations that deliver a customer-centric shopping experience

Shoptelligence today announced the launch of its AI-powered Interactive Ensembles technology for apparel and furniture retailers. The SaaS offering has been proven to increase average order value (AOV) by 66% across initial deployments – enabling retailers to merchandise their entire catalog at scale and maximize every customer interaction across channels.

The patent-pending technology blends deep product understanding, stated and learned shopper preferences and style intelligence to dynamically create contextual cross-category rooms and outfits around each item in a retailer’s catalog.  Shoptelligence makes it easy for shoppers to discover coordinating items in context that meet their shopping objective while boosting retailer revenue, AOV, site engagement, and customer loyalty.

“Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with choices,” said Laura Khoury, CEO. “Shoptelligence helps them navigate the paradox of choice by understanding their preferences, what they are trying to achieve, then visually merchandises the top few products holistically in the context of rooms and outfits. Our goal is to help retailers offer this level of personal assistance to their customers at scale, to not only increase transaction size but improve loyalty as well.”

Shopper benefits

The technology understands style and how products are used together and continuously learns by analyzing shopper engagement to move beyond traditional, same-category recommendations and provide a rich style and objective-based shopping experience. Shoptelligence’s Style Assistant provides visual inspiration in the form of rooms and outfits that show how the product under consideration can be used in multiple ways. Each ensemble is interactive and enables active shopper personalization, creating a dynamic curated shopping experience unavailable up until now.

Retailer benefits

The AI-Powered Style Assistant generates a high degree of product relevance for shoppers and increases engagement that directly impacts the bottom line for retailers. Shoptelligence can go live and create value in weeks with just the retailers’ product data feed and a few lines of code on their website. The solution’s machine learning capabilities track and reveal granular shopper preferences, allowing the retailer to tailor personalized, cross-category user interactions at scale. Merchandising teams also realize vastly improved productivity in their assortment planning and simultaneously maintain control over their brand with Shoptelligence’s Merchant Assist module. The system automatically accounts for inventory, eliminating the risk of out-of-stock recommendations while enabling retailers to engage their customers more effectively and increase revenue.

Virtual Mall experience: Interactive Ensembles drives foot traffic

Shoptelligence recently deployed Interactive Ensembles, the initial module in the Shoptelligence Style Discovery platform through a partnership with Taubman to pilot the Virtual Mall Experience at Twelve Oaks Mall (Novi, Mich.). Visitors to the center’s website can discover products that are available locally for in-store pickup across participating retailers. When browsing for a particular item, the shopper is presented with options to create an outfit from a variety of retailers. Shoppers can also save previous purchases to establish a virtual closet that will continuously curate items and styles for future consideration.

“It’s all about merchandising and making things as convenient as possible for the customer,” said Ivan Frank, Vice President of Center Marketing, Taubman. “The software designed by Shoptelligence allows our shoppers to discover new brands, reserve merchandise and create favorite looks all through a seamless customer-centric shopping experience.”

“Helping shoppers conveniently discover what’s available locally and surprising them with new stores and brands that inspire them creates a win-win-win for the shopper, retailer, and the mall,” said Khoury.  “Stores remain key to buying; we’re thrilled to partner with Taubman to help bridge in-store and digital in a consumer-centric, style assistant way.”

About Shoptelligence

Shoptelligence is a trusted style discovery platform that empowers retailers with an AI Style Assistant that dynamically merchandises a collection of products (outfits, room décor) to help shoppers effortlessly discover new products specific to personal style across a retailer’s entire catalog. Shoptelligence blends the physical with the digital and integrates style inspiration with shopping across all channels at scale with national retailers. Shoptelligence is additive to a retailer’s existing conversion-oriented tools and is deployed via API with a few lines of code. The Style Discovery Platform has proven to enhance shopper engagement and measurably increase revenue and average order value. For more information, visit

About Taubman

Taubman Centers, Inc. is an S&P MidCap 400 Real Estate Investment Trust engaged in the ownership, management and/or leasing of 26 regional, super-regional and outlet shopping centers in the U.S. and Asia. Taubman’s U.S.-owned properties are the most productive in the publicly held U.S. regional mall industry. Founded in 1950, Taubman is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Taubman Asia, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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