Coaster Demand Gen. & STyle Insight Case Study

Coaster, a leading North American importer and distributor of fine furniture, has recently added Shoptelligence’s Demand Generation platform to its consumer-facing website. Implementing this innovative solution is generating data and increasing leads for Coaster. Website visitors who engage with the module show a 7.88X lift in time spent on site. Site visitors are also quantifiably discovering more products and following more routes from Coaster’s site to its dealers, increasingly recapturing sales. 

Screenshot of Room STylist on Coaster website

Download the case study to discover how Demand Generation and STyle Insight are helping Coaster use an improved understanding of their customers to drive engagements with insight.

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STyle Finder Case Study

A Top 100 Retailer recently expanded their partnership with Shoptelligence to implement the STyle Finder module on their website alongside Room STylist. STyle Finder is

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