Furniture Today Special Tech Report

How are advancements in technology changing the ways retailers interact with consumers?

Laura Khoury, the founder and CEO of Shoptelligence, was recently featured in Furniture Today’s Special Tech Report. Laura was asked to reflect on how technological advancements in retail affect interacting with consumers.

Here is an excerpt from Laura’s interview with Furniture Today:

In the furniture industry, more than 80% of purchases start online and then finish in store. Retailers need to recognize that shoppers use retailer websites to narrow down the number of retailers to visit, transforming the showroom from a discovery and browsing destination to a transactional destination.

Forward-thinking retailers are investing heavily in their digital presence to show inspiration and their full assortment, and then pulling that into the store through kiosks and clienteling, and finally continuing to engage the customer after the purchase to keep the relationship going. All of this is driven by a consistent experience and brand.

Read more about Shoptelligence and other tech companies shaking up the retail industry in the full Furniture Today article HERE.


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