Kane’s STyleMail Case Study

Kane’s Furniture sought more than just enhanced customer engagement; they envisioned a paradigm where every communication resonated personally with the recipients, enhancing their buying journey. By expanding their partnership with Shoptelligence to include STyleMail, Kane’s not only elevated their email marketing from general blasts to sophisticated, individualized shopping experiences but also witnessed a remarkable 4X lift in revenue-per-subscriber.

Through intelligent analysis of customer behaviors, past purchases, and likely future interests, STyleMail transformed Kane’s regular communications into bespoke shopping guides, thus resonating deeply with their diverse customer base. The results? A phenomenal 28% uplift in click-through rates and a 3X boost in response rate, affirming that authentic, personalized communication isn’t just preferred — it’s spectacularly profitable.

Discover the intricate strategies and innovative approaches that led to this remarkable success in our full case study, available here.


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STyle Finder Case Study

A Top 100 Retailer recently expanded their partnership with Shoptelligence to implement the STyle Finder module on their website alongside Room STylist. STyle Finder is

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