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Serve your customers with more effective content that’s relevant to them, that inspires their style, and brings them in store. We’re the analytics behind your marketing, helping you produce content your customers care about, automatically. 

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A completely new way to engage with your brand.

You’ve never seen anything like this. It’s not your typical “recommendations” widget. It’s an improved customer experience.

Our platform takes the products that your customers are interested in and turns them into collections of inspirational style possibilities. By learning attribute preferences that customers give us simply by interacting with your site, we serve them same- and cross-category recommendations that they actually want to see through an interactive, customizable platform.

Create a seamless journey.

We integrate into all your channels to provide automated content that feels personal.

Craft a customer journey that brings inspiration to your customers right where they want to shop. With your integrated channels, we build a seamless interaction between you and your customers that gives them personalized inspiration. You’ll serve them style recommendations that get them to furnish their whole room with your catalog and keep coming back for more. They see more, so they buy more.

Best Features of the Platform

Our solutions are built for you to get the most out of your marketing spend.

  • Easily integrated across all your channels, from digital to in-store
  • Personalized so customers feel like they’re getting style recommendations from a personal stylist
  • Customized to your needs, putting your brand at top-of-mind for customers
  • Captures data on engagement with your channels and products

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Interactive Ensembles

Interactive Ensembles

Bring inspiration and shopping together with interactive ensembles

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automate email marketing with content that will motivate shoppers to come back to your store.

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Social Share

Social Share

Create brand awareness in a way that no other retailer is doing.

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