New eBook: 5 Ways to Thrive in This Pandemic

We are pleased to release this eBook to provide furniture retailers pragmatic ways to maximize revenue now, grow faster when stores open and build a sustainable competitive advantage. This is the first of a multi-part series in which we will dive into these individual strategies.

Are you leaving money on the table? You are if your eCommerce marketing strategy is simply to drive traffic to your website. Instead, you need to maximize what you get from that traffic. If your website isn’t equipped to do so, your table—no matter how trendy or beautiful it may be—has money left on it.

COVID-19 has changed everything, including the role of your website. Quarantined shoppers are searching for “inspirtainment,” browsing online for home décor inspiration as a form of entertainment. And they’re not just looking. A new reliance on virtual tools has created consumers who are more comfortable making large purchases online—including furniture.  In fact, eCommerce conversion rates in furniture have tripled during the pandemic.

This is great news for your website, but only if it’s optimized. Today’s shoppers want interactive content and tools that help them create the room of their dreams right from your online catalog. You must help them discover more products and effortlessly interact with your assortment. Whether they ultimately purchase online or in store, their consideration set will be broader, resulting in a larger transaction. 

Driving traffic is important. Maximizing what you get out of that traffic is essential. Ecommerce has permanently grown its prominence in the shopping journey, and as stay-at-home orders remain in place you need to cash in on its potential.

Download our complimentary eBook, “5 Ways to Thrive in this Pandemic Marketplace” to learn how successful furniture retailers can use this unprecedented time to strengthen their digital foundation and maximize revenue now and in the future. 


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