Meet the shopper in-store and help them discover the products they really want.

Style Assist supports each shopper’s journey from online to in-store. Associates can scan the shopper’s code or entering their email address. A custom portal is built with their preferences and associates can help them complete their room and make the items you show them today accessible to buy from home after their visit.

1. Scan, Understand, Add

With a simple scan, see all of the products the shopper clicked before entering the store. Use those items as a starting point to customize their dream room with interactive pin boards. Help them discover and buy more today in a fun experience that will keep them adding to their order.

2. Invite Frictionless Future Upsells

From the comfort of their own home, shoppers can access every item you showed them in store and every completed room you save after their visit. Sold them the sofa today? Add a few inspirational rooms with rugs and tables to help them easily accessorize after they leave the store, all from you.

No Login Required

Even anonymous shoppers can receive personalized assistance with easy-to-use codes that are privacy-compliant.

See Preferences

Access browsing, saving and purchase history with a single click to understand the shopper’s preferences.

Easily Grow the Order

Help associates customize and share full rooms to help shoppers discover, and buy, more items per transaction.

Portable Interactions

Seamless integration across all channels lets shoppers pick up where they left off from anywhere anytime.


Find, Understand & Assist Shopper

Associate accesses the shopper’s browsing history.  Engages the shopper, assists and understands shopper’s goals, perhaps virtually sees the room the shopper is furnishing.

Personalize & Share Inspirational Rooms

Associate accesses and customizes ensembles around products the shopper likes based on their preferences, shares to the shopper’s onsite inspiration board (no login necessary).

Discover & Buy

Shopper accesses inspirational room boards onsite in real-time, further customizes.  Adds additional items to cart, leaves some for later.

Take your customer experience to the next level

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Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company before, during, and after a purchase. In today’s increasingly competitive economy, customer experience is becoming ever more important; 64% of consumers say that CX is more important to them than price in their purchase decisions and 74% of consumers are likely to switch brands if the purchasing process is too difficult.

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Those numbers are significant – it means that you need to create a delightful, memorable experience on your website so that customers visit you in-store and close their sales. Shoptelligence helps you create exceptional customer experiences across your platforms, starting with Merchant Assist.