Style Leads

Drive on-line traffic in-store

Shoptelligence’s on-site ‘request an appointment’ conversion tool can be deployed locally or to the enterprise level for national retailers.

Each form fill conversion captures a user’s unique browsing history, favorites, and cart information within a sales assistant portal – available to the shopper and retail associate. This empowers in-store associates to understand user preferences pre-visit and provide highly-personalized merchandising recommendations.

Increase Return Visits

Shoppers become more invested as they create custom Boards on your site, enticing them to return and buy

Build the Ticket

It’s no longer about finding the item, but creating the perfect room and then styling the rest of the house to match

Increase In-Store Conversion

Help associates understand the shopper’s broader project and taste to provide more relevant advice and close

Easily Scale Content Marketing

Let shoppers create content for you and drive traffic by sharing styled rooms they create from your products

Our algorithms create the starting inspirations.

Shoppers make it their own.

You help them fulfill that inspiration.

Everyone wins.

Save Complete Ensembles

Help shoppers remember the full room by saving the whole ensemble instead of a single item, increasing order size

Mix, Match & Send to Store

Allow shoppers to select items across ensembles to create, share and send the specific items they want to buy

Site-to-Store, Seamlessly

Accessible to shoppers and associates in a snap to easily pick up the conversation from online in store

No Login Required

Scan a code, access browsing history and create Boards for shoppers to access onsite later, no login required

Take your customer experience to the next level

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Customer Experience Matters

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company before, during, and after a purchase. In today’s increasingly competitive economy, customer experience is becoming ever more important; 64% of consumers say that CX is more important to them than price in their purchase decisions and 74% of consumers are likely to switch brands if the purchasing process is too difficult.

Let Shoptelligence Help 

Those numbers are significant – it means that you need to create a delightful, memorable experience on your website so that customers visit you in-store and close their sales. Shoptelligence helps you create exceptional customer experiences across your platforms, starting with Merchant Assist.