Shoptelligence Achieves Quadruple Growth With Home Furnishing Retailers – Utilizing Their A.I.-Powered Merchandising and Marketing Solutions

Innovative platform bridges gap between in-store furniture shopping experience and the growing eCommerce industry for top-100 retailers.

ANN ARBOR, MI – February 25, 2022 — Shoptelligence a leading provider of innovative A.I-powered merchandising solutions for furniture retailers, reported a quadruple growth rate at the close of 2021. This remarkable performance was fueled through the growth of customer accounts – including 5 of the top 100 home furnishing companies, as well as leading regional independent furniture retailers. 

The pandemic-driven drop in foot traffic, combined with the dramatic rise in eCommerce, has launched Shoptelligence technology to the forefront. By making it easy for traditional furniture retailers to deliver a personalized, cohesive, shopping experience across multiple online and in-person channels, the Shoptelligence platform is delivering significant increases in outcomes, including:

  • 5x increase in on-site engagement, 
  • 42% increase in order size, and
  • 33% in revenue per buyer.

“Integrating Shoptelligence’s ecommerce solutions has enabled us to successfully provide shoppers with a motivating and confident online shopping experience. Pairing room inspirations with available inventory has been a profitable ecommerce strategy, and we have seen shoppers increase their ticket size as a result.  It is no surprise that Shoptelligence is growing – their expertise in merchandising for furniture retailers helps customers more effectively find the right item and complete the room.” Tony Mitchell, Director of eCommerce at American Furniture Warehouse

Shoptelligence makes connecting with customers across multiple touchpoints easy. Backed by powerful algorithms and individualized customer profiles Shoptelligence technology created a unique shopping experience that completes the room from available retail inventory for individual shoppers. The result is a personalized and inspirational shopping experience that builds trust and loyalty, increases ticket size, and extends customer lifetime value. The platform also makes communication efficient by connecting shoppers to support and incentives at any point throughout the customer buying journey. 

“Merging the digital and physical retail worlds has been a necessity in our current environment,” explained Laura Khoury, CEO of Shoptelligence. “It has been rewarding to watch our technology revolutionize the furniture industry, to make shopping inspirational and enjoyable, and to see a lift in revenue as a result.”

About Shoptelligence

Shoptelligence is the home furnishings industry’s leading omni-channel solution to increase order size, helping retailers grow revenue per buyer by over 60 percent. Its AI-based platform helps shoppers discover more of a retailer’s assortment by providing interactive rooms around any item a shopper is viewShoptelligence is an omni-channel merchandising solution, built specifically for home furnishing retailers, to increase engagement, order size, and revenue per buyer. Creating a seamless transition between the online and in-store experience, Shoptelligence enables retailers to engage and support shoppers to dramatically increase customer lifetime value. Using Shoptelligence solutions, shoppers engage five times longer, actively consider twice as many products, and add over 40 percent more items to their orders. Requiring only a retailer’s basic product catalog, Shoptelligence merchandising solutions are easy to implement and deliver significant results in just weeks. For more information, visit


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