Room Design Made Easy: How to Furnish a Room Fast

Consider a moment when your inner interior designer emerges and you’re suddenly feverish to redecorate a room. Or maybe you are moving into a new home and have no idea where to start when it comes to styling furniture. Whatever the case, you are in desperate need for room design help.

Imagine your time constraints also call for getting the job done fast. Flipping through magazines and envisioning your future room by creating a collage is outdated and extremely time-consuming. But just as technology now drives more efficient and effective processes in various other areas of your life, shopping for furniture should not be an exception.

Provide a One-Stop Shop

For example, buying a coffee table, bookcase, and couch should not require separate shopping trips, but it often results that way because of indecision – primarily related to either a lack of options in store or information overload online.

This is logical. Before shoppers make expensive furniture purchases that are likely to be with them for a long time, they want to be confident that each piece complements one another and contributes to a cohesive style. In the end, shoppers save themselves time and frustration when they are able to decorate a room on one website or in one store – but, where can you get that kind of service?

Upgrading Relevancy through Customer Data

Naturally, shoppers usually do not have the ability or desire to decorate a whole room on their own, and that’s a good thing for furniture retailers. Today, retailers are in a prime position to capitalize on technology’s ability to turn the lengthy, fractured process of furnishing a room into a streamlined process. In contrast to their laggard competitors, those who pursue style discovery technologies can leverage the combined power of online customer data and product data.

This allows retailers to transform their role from facilitators of transactions to the forces driving creativity. By offering complementary products based on individual preferences and room context, retailers can connect the dots in shoppers’ minds, helping them craft the room design they didn’t realize they wanted – faster than they ever imagined.

Turn Discoveries into Purchases with AI-Powered Technology

At Shoptelligence, we seek to provide this personalized, pain-free experience that benefits retailers and shoppers alike. Automatic merchandising of cross-category products at scale enables shoppers to envision how items look with other merchandise in a variety of different ensembles. Additionally, our technology allows shoppers to interact with and customize the automated ensembles based on their preferences.

In value, our technology speaks for itself. Our AI-powered style assistant is engaging and helps turn visitors into buyers. One of our Top 100 Furniture clients has experienced a 10X revenue lift as well as an increase in time spent on their website from 7 minutes (nonengaged) to 39 minutes (engaged) with our interactive ensembles module. As this technology allows shoppers to see your broader catalog, the design possibilities become endless.


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