Shoptelligence Paying Dividends For Its Clients

After Generating Millions in Incremental Revenue for its Furniture Clients, Expands into Store and Outbound Channels

ANN ARBOR, MI – October 16, 2019 – Shoptelligence announced today that its AI-Powered platform has consistently proven its ability to increase revenue per buyer over 30% and has delivered millions in incremental revenue for its Top 100 furniture retail clients. This milestone is an important one for Shoptelligence as the platform officially launched at the October 2018 High Point Furniture Market and is now expanding its offerings to deliver similar results in-store and via outbound marketing. 

The SaaS platform provides the assistance of an interior designer at every customer touchpoint, helping the shopper find the right item then reasoning like a designer to curate interactive cross-category room assortments specific to that shopper’s style and the room they are furnishing. Shoptelligence’s unique ability to combine inspiration and assistive selling has increased its clients’ online revenue by 2.7%, with purchases that result from the interactions accounting for 13% of total client online revenue. In an era where retail traffic is down, retailers must get more out of the traffic they have. 

“It’s exciting to be able to share the measurable value that Shoptelligence is contributing to our clients’ top line. Our goal is to help retailers offer intelligent shopping assistance at scale and to not only help retailers expand revenue from the same foot traffic by increasing order values but meet the shopper where they are to improve loyalty. The expansion into outbound marketing, specifically print and email are just a few examples of how Shoptelligence is continuing to innovate,” said Laura Khoury, Shoptelligence, CEO.

Shoptelligence’s innovative customer experience has demonstrated its ability to help shoppers not only buy 40%+ more items in the initial transaction but buy more over time, increasing customer lifetime value by over 30%. Customers engaging with the experience add high-ticket categories including seating, tables, and bedroom furniture to their orders, demonstrating that Shoptelligence positively impacts buying confidence.  

Shoptelligence’s suite includes Interactive Ensembles, Dynamic Curation, Dynamic Boutique, and Merchant Assist, all designed to transform how customers buy home furnishings by providing furniture retailers a customer-centric platform that dynamically connects the right products to the right customer at the right time.

About Shoptelligence

Shoptelligence is an award-winning AI-Powered virtual designer that blends physical with the digital and delivers style inspiration integrated with shopping across all channels at scale for furniture retailers. The platform has proven to measurably increase shopper engagement, revenue per buyer and average order value. For more information, visit

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Denise Mahnick, Co-Founder, VP of Industry Relations, Shoptelligence

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