New eBook: The Changing Role of Digital in the Customer Journey

We are pleased to release this eBook to help furniture retailers understand, from the customer’s perspective, how digital is influencing the shopping process.

While eCommerce has grown in the furniture industry over the past few years, COVID accelerated it’s broad by several years.  Stepping out from its historically supporting role in furniture retailing, digital is changing the shopping journey in unexpected ways, enhancing the customer experience for traditional retailers.

Viewing retailing through the customer’s lens, smart retailers are taking a “phygital” approach, seamlessly blending the physical with the digital rather than addressing them as separate capabilities.  Learn how to quickly adapt and remain competitive growing customer value.  In this complimentary eBook created specifically for furniture retailers, you will gain perspective on:

– What does the end-to-end journey look like?
– How has digital affected each step?
– What actions can I take now to adapt and succeed?
– What’s next?


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